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Allgrabs Enterprise is a brand name in providing ease in sourcing items and services needed in the home and workplace. We provide a platform for exchange of articles of commerce.

Our business activities include:

  1. Administration: we offer advisory services for effective running of an enterprise in ever changing business environment.
  2. Marketing: we project articles of commerce to public attention, in a bid to getting fruitful patronage.
  3. Procurement: we coordinate bringing into possession the needs of our clients in quality and cost effective manner.
  4. More: we do not just do business as usual, we are out to complete every transaction with a touch of difference, out to take stress off our clients, out to wow you.


To lead in product and service delivery in Nigeria and beyond.


To act proactively, build confidence, display versatility and innovatively deliver business solution.


  1. Responsibility: we are aware of our obligation and we stand by our actions.
  2. Integrity: we are morally sound, delivering on promises unadulterated.
  3. Tolerance: we respect opinions and rights of our clients and would not violate them while delivering immaculate services.
  4. Excellence: we do not just do the right thing, we do it right.
Opening hours

Tue – Thu: 09am – 07pm
Fri – Mon: 09am – 05pm

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